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    20 May 2017

    The place where Agile meets Product Management

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    Agile Product Open is the leading forum for learning, sharing, and promoting the application of Agile principles and practices to product management so we can make better products in better ways. We energize, enlighten, and

    exemplify the co-creative and collaborative core of Agile principles through the way we gather.

    Check out our "sister" chapter, Agile Product Open in Boston.


    Why should I attend?


    Agile Open Space gives you the opportunity to practice your skills with other professionals in the area, Bringing Agile principles and practices to Agile Business Analysis and Product Ownership​.


    • Find new ways to integrate Agile principles and practices into your business analysis and product role
    • Improve how you work cross-functionally, even outside of your engineering teams
    • Explore better ways to conduct product discovery
    • Reduce the waste of elongated, overly complex product management processes and bloated product features
    • Focus on what matters to build great products with a focus on customers and users
  • What is Open Space?

    Open Space Technology (also referred to as Open Space or OST), is a self-organizing practice that releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people.


    By inviting you to take responsibility for what you care about, Open Space establishes a marketplace of inquiry, where you propose the topics, reflect and learn from each other, and accomplish meaningful work.


    Open Space is internationally recognized as an innovative approach to creating whole systems change and inspiring the best in human performance.


    Possible topics


    Since you -the participants- define the agenda, any topic related to our theme of Bringing Agile principles and practices to Agile Business Analysis and Product Ownershipis possible!

    Here are some possibilities:

    • Agile product roadmaps
    • Product decision making
    • Exploring product options, holistically
    • Hypothesis testing and determining value
    • Building effective acceptance criteria
    • Leading and lagging indicators for Agile delivery 
    • Nonfunctional requirements in agile
    • Efficient product backlog management 
    • How to slice User Stories
    • Tactical and strategic product “ownership”
    • Design sprints for risk reduction and innovation
    • Product visioning workshops
    • Delivering low and high fidelity prototypes
    • and more...
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  • Topics

    Take a look and enjoy!

    The Agenda

    The Posters

    Business Analyst to "uber" Product Owner


    Novelist vs Coder

    Working Software over Comprehensive Documentation

    Project Manager vs Scrum Master

    BA as a scribe > Analysis at any age

    Igniting the passion

    Lean Product Management

    Agile - failure of Waterfall?

    Agile & BA's in Africa

    Certification - what is the value?

    Automation, Digitization

    Beating the imposter

    What artifacts to use in the product development life cycle

    Scaled Agile

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